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Winding down our rose season for 2021

We have decided to end our rose season for 2021 a few weeks earlier than normal.

Lichfield Angel and pales

The weather has been more fickle than usual - frosts in late April, a cold and wet May, boiling weather in July and August weather was nondescript and 'meh' - the weather has certainly caused issues for us this year. It has not been a kind year for Roses and rose growers (throughout the world) have struggled with demand.

Contrary to a number of rumours (and other growers/wholesalers in the industry raising prices) this season we kept our prices the same throughout 2021 to help Florists and Designers budget - despite significant rises in production costs for us as a grower. Wrongly or rightly we don't put every little thing on social media either. We are too busy growing roses and frankly social media is exhausting.

This, along with high levels of courier issues has made 2021 a frustrating and sometimes difficult year. Yes we have had to disappoint customers at times. Yes we more than understand the difficulties Florists are facing. Yes we are all doing our best. However, we as growers are susceptible to whatever Mother Nature throws at us and we can't do anything about that.

Our plants are exhausted and we are worn out..

Looking forward we are going to be busy over the winter months, taking stock, trying to improve things that need improving, defoliating, pruning and of course planting.

We have lots of new varieties for 2022 and exciting rose related projects planned.

Thank you for your business during 2021.

Cath, Mark, Sheila, Helen and Glanville.

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