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It's snow time!

Wow! We've had about 12 inches of snow over the last 24hours which is quite unusual for our part of the World. The last time we had snow like this was about 7 years ago.

Mr Farmer has trudged out to check on the Roses and took the kiddlywinks for a bit of sledging. Whilst out he took a little photo.

All the roses are doing fine tucked up under a blanket of snow. It's not until the snow thaws that we will really be able to see if there's any damage to stems.

Fingers crossed there isn't too much damage and their snowy blanket helped to insulate the plants from the chilly conditions. It only dropped to about -3 here which is relatively warm compared to the -12 reported further north by the wonderful team of Rose breeders, gardeners and people who know about all things Roses, at the marvellous David Austin Roses in Shropshire.

Let's hope this is the only proper snowfall we have this winter.


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