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Order Request Form

Please complete the order form below to place an order request.  We will confirm your order within 48 working hours.

If you do not receive confirmation from us after 48hours please email us to make sure that we have received your order request

How to Order

Please complete the order form below.

Please read our order terms & conditions and order info before completing the form.

By placing and order request (either using this form, phone or email your are agreeing to our order terms and conditions.

Once we receive your order request we will review it and get back to you within two working days.

There is a minimum order value of £250.00 until a good trading history is established.  Please contact us for details.

Thank you for your interest in our British grown Garden Roses.

We look forward to working with you.

Please do not compare true garden roses (like the ones we grow) with commercial garden roses.  

Yes, some of the commercial varieties have the term 'garden rose' but they are completely different beasts to real garden roses.  

If you are looking for commercial (imported) garden roses please visit your usual flower wholesaler.

Each variety we grow is different to the next - and not just in colour.

Each bloom is scented, beautiful and unique. 

Each variety opens at different speeds, some have nodding heads, some have thorns, some have thin stems, some have lots of buds, etc, etc.

If you do not have the experience required to know the correct handling, conditioning and timing for Garden Roses then please do not order.

Read the notes at the bottom of this page before placing an order if you are at all unsure.

Read this


For the benefit of photography, most floral illustrations shown are photographed in full bloom - we aim, where possible, to supply flowers in bud or semi bud so they remain at their best for the longest time possible – it is important to bear this in mind when deciding on your delivery date. Advice is always available, so please always contact us if you are unsure. Please note, our advice is only our opinion and there are many other factors that will determine how quickly cut garden Roses (or any cut flower) will open, for example, how they are conditioned on receipt, what temperature they are kept in, how hot or cold the weather is etc. Also, please note, when ordering wholesale cut Garden Roses we do expect the customer to have experience & certain skill level. Usk Valley Roses do not take responsibility for the conditioning of cut flowers or how long it takes for flower blooms to open once delivered.

Usk Valley Roses is a wholesale cut Rose supplier - if the customer has no experience in the conditioning, handling and timing of cut Garden Roses it is highly recommended that the customer considers not buying cut Garden Roses and, instead, considers buying Roses which have been specifically bred for cut flower use, from a good flower wholesaler or gets professional help from an experienced and qualified Florist.

Please note, when viewing images on our web site the colour, shade and clarity will depend on the screen quality of your computer or tablet device.

Fresh flowers/Roses are living things & as such the colour of the petals may vary from bunch to bunch & will not always be identical or similar to the images published on our web site - please note, as long as Usk Valley Roses have supplied the correct colour group, no refunds can be issued for colour variance.

By placing an Order Request, or an Order you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Further (more detailed) terms and conditions can be downloaded here

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