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When are your Garden Roses available?
The growing season in the UK typically starts near the mid/end of April.  The first roses are ready to cut by mid May. Our season ends in October depending on when the first frost arrives.  British grown cut Roses are not available during the Winter months November to April.


How long do your roses last?
Our garden roses are a different breed than greenhouse grown roses which you find available to buy in most Supermarkets/Florists/Garden Centres which have been bred/grown to have an extended vase life.

Garden roses are fragile and require water at all times once cut. Most varieties will typically look great for 5 days if cut as a semi-open bud, and properly handled.


How far in advance should I order roses for an event?
You are welcome to send us as many orders as you’d like for the season at any time. We receive dozens of requests each week during wedding season, so the earlier you send your orders, the more likely we are to have roses for you. We regularly sell out and orders are fulfilled on a first come first served basis.  If we foresee any issues filling your order we will let you know as soon as possible so you can make alternate plans.

How much does shipping cost?
This information is available on our Delivery Info page.

Are your roses organic?
We are not certified organic.  Granular and liquid fertilizers are fed to our roses. To make our roses produce continually, they are fed weekly while being watered.  We also incorporate organic matter such as farmyard manure at the time of planting and mulch throughout the season to help keep weeds down and retain moisture.


Do you spray your roses for pests and disease?
With the amount of Roses we grow disease is passed among plants quickly if left untreated.  We spray our roses with fungicides and pesticides as preventative measures. Pests multiply rapidly and can destroy the blooms and foliage of roses.  We grow a large variety of 'companion and pollinator plants' to attract beneficial insects and wildlife to our Rose plots. 


Do you sell rose plants?
No we do not sell Rose plants.


How are your roses watered?
We are very fortunate to be in Wales so it rains a lot!  We have large rainwater collection tanks which capture the rain that falls onto the roofs of our farm buildings - we do not use mains water on our Roses, we use stored rainwater to water our Roses.  Roses are thirsty plants.  If you want to get the best possible blooms then you need to have plenty of water.


I’m not a florist. Can I order roses from you?
Unfortunately we do not sell direct to customers for their own weddings, special events etc.  We only supply direct to Florists and Floral Designers and are Trade only.

Will you donate or discount your roses for my styled shoot or workshop?
Please contact us for enquiries regarding us discounting or donating our roses. We consider each request on a case by case basis.

Can I visit your farm?
We regret we are currently unable to allow visitors at our farm.  We are based on a working cattle/sheep farm with large farm machinery at work everyday. Due to insurance and liability issues we are unable to have visits to the Rose plots.  

You are able to collect orders from our farmyard by prior arrangement.

Do you allow photo shoots at your farm?
Please contact us for information regarding photo shoots at our farm.

Do you hold weddings at your farm?
No we do not hold weddings at our farm.

You grow many David Austin roses. Why don’t I see Purity, Miranda, Charity, etc. available?
We grow many David Austin Garden Rose varieties bred for growing in outdoor gardens. David Austin Wedding Roses are not garden grown or field grown and usually not even grown in the UK.  You must have a license to grow David Austin Wedding Roses and authorised/licensed commercial growing operations.  Many wholesalers import David Austin Wedding Roses from South American growers, so they are readily available.

How do I handle roses once I receive them?
Once your roses are cut from our plants, they are immediately hydrated in  water with Chrysal RosePro Hydration.  All roses are chilled in our walk in cooler for 24 hours before being sent to you. Once you receive your roses, cut 1/4″ from the stems on a 45 degree angle and put them in a clean bucket of outdoor water and Chrysal RosePro. Do not use softened water.


You should remove any leaves below the water line as they encourage bacteria to grow which will shorten the life of your Roses. Ideally Garden roses should be stored in a floral cooler when you’re not working with them. If you do not have a cooler, they should be kept in the coolest part of your workspace and out of direct sunlight. Keep the roses away from any fruit as the ethylene gas given off by ripening fruit will affect the Roses.

Full care instructions are sent with each order.


Why are some roses open and some still closed when they arrive?
We cut roses as coloured buds or semi-open buds so they will look their best after shipping and stay fresh throughout your event. 

Can you guarantee specific varieties for my order?
You are welcome to request specific varieties when you place an order, and we will do our best to accommodate you, however we cannot always guarantee the roses you want will be “flowering” at the exact time of your order. Weather can shorten or increase the length of time between bloom cycles. We watch our plants carefully and know when they are coming into bloom, however we cannot predict which plants will be blooming much more than two (2) weeks prior to your order.  Therefore we tend to cut Roses based on colour/s requested rather then specific varieties.

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